Monday, November 23, 2015

Thrifty Christmas Stockings

I'm excited to share with you my latest craft, DIY, recycled project. You see, I really really like those cozy looking knitted Christmas stockings hanging in the Christmas shops. I just can't find reason in spending so much money on them. They can cost you around 35.00 each! That's when I got the bright idea to just make my own and it only cost me some pocket change.

I went to the local Goodwill store,  I love thrift stores. I found just the right sweater in white. I chose white  because I plan to do mostly white colors this Christmas. I think it will ad some light on the dreary days we have been experiencing lately. 

I didn't give much planning on how I was going to accomplish making these. I just had a shape in mind and started cutting. By the way, I washed the sweater first because you just never know. I cut the stockings in a position where I only had one seam to sew up.

Then I used a sewing machine and stitched them it up. Ok, these may be a little sloppy but I'm definitely not a seamstress and barely even know how to work a sewing machine. I can do one stitch, that's it. You can also sew them by hand using yarn or thread if you wish. I actually like the imperfect homemade look about them.

I created a couple pompoms and....
wah lah! 
Now I have two high dollar, over priced looking, knitted Christmas stockings that only cost me 2.99. That's a little over 1.00 for each stocking. Win!

Oh but that's not all. I used the sleeves of the sweater and created sweater covers for the a wine bottles. 

That's right, no more hiding the wine when the preacher visits! Ha!

Now I have to go back and purchase another sweater to make a third stocking. Then they "will be hung on the mantel with care, in hopes St. Nick will soon be there."

Tis the season

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Friday, November 20, 2015

DIY Christmas Card Coasters

Last year I decided to keep all of my Christmas cards in hopes to find something to make with them this year.

I also happened to have a box of ceramic tiles left over from some repairs we had to do years ago.
1.) I figured out something useful to make with them,
And 2.) No, I'm not a hoarder.

My daughter came to visit and I know how she likes to make things with me so I suggest we make some coasters with those Christmas cards I had been saving.

She was all for it so I grabbed some tiles, the cards, felt (for backing), scissors, glue and modpodge.

First we glued felt to the backs to protect the furniture. 

We chatted up the girl talk as we carefully chose and cut our cards then we glued them onto the tiles. 

After the pictures were in place, we painted a layer of modpodge over the whole thing to seal it. Just like if you were to seal a puzzle. 
If you don't have modpodge, I read where you can water down some Elmer's glue and it will work just as well.

Within 30 minutes we recycled those Christmas cards and tiles into little pieces of art.

I will be using these during the Christmas season and she had a set to take home for herself. I always enjoy time spent with my daughter. We laugh and talk like best friends. We share stories of our week and plans for the future. We had fun making this quick little craft together.

These would also make nice little gifts for the office, neighbors, friends and family.

Stay tuned, I cant wait to show you my next project I will share soon!

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Can We Just Have Christmas?

Its not even Thanksgiving yet and the Christmas season seems to have already begun and with that comes people that are already finding ways to ruin Christmas for those who celebrate it. I think we should at least get through Thanksgiving first,

But any who....

Whether you believe in it or not, Christmas is a day Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. No matter what religion you are, where you are from or how you believe, Christmas is Christmas.

I really don't care if the local mall makes their Santa display a glacier or a field of daisies, Its just a photo booth. Take your tot to another mall that has the look you want. Don't just stand there snapping photos and writing a journal, just go shop where you feel the joy of the season. 

I don't care if a company sells drinks using of a red cup, blue cup or a white cup featuring some creepy looking goddess, its just a cup. Its used then thrown away.

I don't care if you say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holiday", I will politely smile and say "Merry Christmas" right back. As far as I'm concerned, your saying "happy holy-day" anyway.

I don't care if you play Christmas music in your store or if you choose to play rock and roll. Its just music and if the music interferes with my shopping experience I just make it a quick one.

I get it. Even though most people say they are Christians, many are not "born again" Christians, therefore people have different views, different faiths or no faith at all. Everyone gets offended one way or another. No wonder the traditions are fading and non-believers never believe. Because everyone argues about every little thing. No one is getting the true picture. There is more problems in the world that we need to be worrying about.

Cant we just have Christmas?

My home and family will be filled with Christmas joy of giving, loving and sharing the true meaning of Christmas. We will turn off all the negativity the world is throwing at us and celebrate the birthday of our Savior.
I will go to church on Christmas Eve, 
I will have a Christmas tree and walk through Christmas lights holding hands with my husband reminiscing about the good old days. 
We will be playing Santa as we place presents under the tree for our grown daughter just so we can hang on to those childhood memories. 
I will watch all the Christmas and Hallmark movies I can watch.
My car and office radio will be playing all the Christmas music I can find whether it be "Away in a Manger" or "Jingle Bell Rock". 
So instead of finding something wrong with every little thing that has to do with Christmas, sit back and enjoy what we still have left.

Can't we just have Christmas?

Instead of arguing about everything that offends you, just ignore it. Christians have to do this every day. Let it go. 
Instead of worrying about who wants to celebrate Christmas their way, Celebrate your way. 
Instead of worrying about the music that's played, stick in your earphones and play the music you like. 
and for the love, If you don't like the color cup a coffee shop uses, take that cup and fill it up for a homeless man that will be more than grateful to have a drink.

So Can we please just have Christmas?

Now excuse me while I drink my coffee from a Dixie cup.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Crochet Ice Cream Cozy

I married into a family of former Ice Cream shop owners. It was before my time when my Husbands grandparents came over from Italy and opened up "Dimeos Ice Cream Co."

It was closed in the 70's as I was just a tot. We have lots of memorabilia that I try to hang on to . From tiny ice cream spoons to vintage milkshake machines.. I will admit however, that im not a big ice cream eater. Its not that I do not like ice cream, I just despise the cold frost on my teeth and the chill I get when holding on to the container.

Well, I had this bright idea to fix one of those problems so I headed over to Pinterest online to see if someone has already thought up the idea. The idea of an ice cream cozy. Sure enough, they were a few smart thinkers like myself. ha.

You curl up in your chair, turn on a movie, grab your blanket and container of ice cream. No more having to grab a napkin or towel to cover the container to keep your hands warm and dry as you indulge in some delicious cold yum yum .

I found a free pattern here which was fairly easy and looks great on the cup but I just didn't like the way it looked around the bottom and it required more stitches that I had in mind.
I wanted to come up with a more simple shape and form. And I did.

Here is a look at my own version of the ice cream cozy.

It didn't take me long to come up with my own pattern for this cute fuzzy sleeve to hold while scooping out the nuts and cherries from the ice cream.

This will be another item I will be selling im my Etsy shop as I try to make some Christmas money.
So, head on over and purchase one of these as I will be adding more as the weeks go by.

Facts about me and ice cream:
I don't like it plain. I want it to have something in it.
My favorite is butter pecan, rocky road or chocolate mint.
I chew ice cream ( I guess that's why it hurts my teeth).
I hate to hear people talk while they eat ice cream.
I  prefer a sugar cone over a cake cone.
Id rather have a little scoop in a big sugar cone.
and the very last bite of the cone is the best.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Retirement Party

My brother has now retired from the city police department. He gave 30 years of time and service to protect and serve.

The family got together for dinner at one of our favorite BBQ restaurants to celebrate this bitter sweet time in his life.

Hes was one if the good guys. A gentle giant standing over 6 feet tall and over 200 lbs. If a criminal was put in the back of his police car, you can bet he was probably witnessed to rather than lectured. My brother had a soft heart yet strong hands and no one could get past him. He was pretty intimidating I would say.

He enjoyed working in the schools often and all the children loved him. I've seen him sit down to lunch with kids in the lunchroom and help them cross the roads before and after school. He was a hero to many. He didn't talk much about his adventures on the streets as he kept everything confidential. I was able to ride with him a couple times on a shift which I thought was exciting yet scary at times.

I can remember the first time he announced he made it on the police force. It was sorta hard to absorb at the time as I was only 16 and bit of a lead foot". "Does this mean I have to be careful?" "Will he be following me around?" "Oh no, he will have a gun". "People will be shooting at him". "He will be speeding!" Many things crossed my mind as I took it all in. Excitement, worry, and even envy as I was only a fast food worker.

It all turned out for the good as I was able to get out of a few tickets, he was the first on the scene when I'd have an accident (no counting), and I knew just who to call when something was going on around my neighborhood.

With the way the world is now, I'm glad he has gotten out. Times are getting hard for authorities now days and its only going to get worst.

He will continue volunteering a few hours a month to keep his credits but no more stopping in for Holiday dinners while adjusting the vest and belt to comfort as he gulped down a meal and no more rushing away from a conversation to get to a call.

I am proud of him and wish him the best as he ventures out the rest of his life.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Are We Ever Happy With Ourselves?

Are we ever really happy with ourselves?
I ask myself this question quite often as I continue to hear others complain about themselves. Weather they are skinny or fat, sick or healthy. I give an eye roll and say under my breath, "do something about it". I'm tired of hearing the complaining and pessimistic outlook on things.

But then wait....I'm the same way. I am guilty.
When I was over weight I complained that I was fat,
My clothes were too tight,
Muffin tops were more like cans of biscuits.
I covered up at the beach when I would walk past others.
I complained my jaws were fat,
nothing I wore looked good.
Pictures were pathetic
and I felt like a sack of potatoes in bed.

I finally did something to fix it.
I went on a diet.
I lost 45 lbs. I've gone from a size 12 to a size 4.
I'm all excited with my new size,
I couldn't wait to sport that bikini,
buy some tight jeans
and smile a little more without the chubby cheeks.

Now what?
I buy those jeans in a size 4 and they are too short.
I wore that bikini at the beach but what the heck is all that loose stuff rippling and swinging back there? I may need to cover that up now.
I wave at everyone with my new fitted t-shirt on, only to find that my bat wings were waving faster than my hand and I was afraid Id take off in flight if I didn't stop.
My boobs have almost disappeared so my shirt choices are minimal.
My knee bones hurt against each other when I sleep in fetal position.
Those chubby cheeks? They are wrinkles on my neck.

So you see. Can we ever be completely pleased with ourselves?
Can we stop looking at the negative things and focus on what really matters?

Even though my appearance will never please me 100 percent,
I feel better.
I can run and walk without pain.
I can now curl my legs up in the chair and still have chair left over.
I can shop in the junior department
and I can own bathing suits in more colors than just black.
I no longer suffer from heartburn,
My skin is healthier,
The heels on my feet are no longer smashed,
I have ankles now,
and no fat hanging over my jeans.
I can now roll over in bed without actually sitting up and turning.
My arms no longer fall asleep at night due to my weight putting pressure on them.
My grocery bill is smaller due to less junk food purchases
and I have more energy,
which puts me in a better mood.

So now
Just ask yourself, "Am I ever really happy with myself?"
Work on those feelings. Why are you not happy?
We are always going to find something wrong,
but we need to find the positive in the negative and own it!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Painting

My Daughter spent this past weekend at home (she does this at least once a month). We spent the weekend shopping, baking some goodies, preparing candy and painting pumpkins. 
Pumpkins were not all we painted....

My husband had to get his fun in with a little paint fight. They are always at it. He'd much rather do the picking than helping. These two are more like brother and sister than daddy and daughter.

I wanted to keep my pumpkin with a fall look so I could use it throughout November. I started by painting the already white pumpkin, white. Yea, my husband didn't understand that either. Its like applying makeup, just gives it a good base.

Then I drew my initial and applied live leaves with modpodge. 

My Daughter is having a get together at her apartment for Halloween, so she wanted to go with more of a Halloween theme and created a "day of the dead" skull face.

I think it turned out great. 

We painted instead of carving them this time because its less mess and pie pumpkins are not to good for carving. 

She is gone back home now and it always leaves me a little sad. I'm usually ok by the time I get the house back in order and start a new week. 

Her next over night visit, we will be preparing for Thanksgiving and trying some new recipes.

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